"I have the POW-ERRRR!!!

I'm not a huge fan of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  I had a few of the figures as a kid and Castle Grayskull was my primary playset for all my bedroom battles.  Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line, while a great idea and seemingly well executed, just isn't something I had an interest in collecting.  That is until last summer at SDCC when I spied a glimpse of Battle Cat.  I decided then and there that I would have Battle Cat.  So when he went on sale last Tuesday I braved the clusterfuck that was the Mattycollector site that day.  I managed to get my order in and after anxiously waiting for him to be shipped he arrived on Tuesday.  I got him home, opened him up and played with him for about 15 minutes straight.  To start, he's HUGE!  I knew the MOTUC figures were in the 7 inch scale (one of the reasons I've avoided collecting them until now) and from the figure they showed at SDCC I knew he would be big but I had no idea how big until I got him in my hands.  Battle Cat has some serious heft to him and is a very solid figure.

I bought He-Man (the reissued version) off ebay on Monday and he arrived yesterday.  I cracked him open this morning before work and got a little playtime in and I'm really impressed with this figure.  Apparently there were some issues with the first release that were corrected with this one.  He's got a couple joints that are looser than I'd like but nothing worth complaining about.  He's solid and well made and I love him.

Now I planned on getting Skeletor because they are issuing a Panthor at some point. So I'll have the two of them facing off with He-Man and Battle Cat.  But beyond that I hadn't planned on getting any more.  Until He-Man arrived.  Now I'm hooked.  I'm not going all in and getting their subscription or anything crazy like that.  But I do want a few of the main characters I had as a kid.  In addition to He-Man and Skeletor, I'd like to get Man-At-Arms, Stratos (being reissued in March), Zodak (with a K) and Teela and the Sorceress when she comes out.  I'd also like to customize Battle Armor He-Man with some parts from other figures IF I can afford it.

So yeah, I've been bitten by the MOTUC bug.  Dammit.

Long Beach Comic Expo part the deux

So we survived Long Beach Comicon Comic Expo.  After a nearly uneventful train ride we arrived in Long Beach at about 1:00p.m.  We found that next to the convention center there was a nice mall type area with shops and restaurants (The Pike) and checking the directory discovered a Famous Dave's BBQ.  Amanda LOVES Famous Dave's so that's where we had lunch.  Then we headed over to the convention center for the show.

It was pretty much what I expected, dealers, publishers and creators set up in a ballroom.  We did a quick once around the room to see what was what before really stopping to actually look at anything.  I did have to stop at a toy dealer in one corner though because I'm a sucker for toys.  I'm glad I did because they guy had a MOC DC Universe Classics Sinestro that I grabbed for $25.  This is a little less than I've seen loose figures go for on ebay so I felt it was a good deal.  Unfortunately he had already sold the Sinestro Corps variant earlier in the morning.  But I have this one now so I'm happy.

On the opposite corner we found the Graphitti Designs booth.  They had Wonder Twins T-shirts that Amanda and I almost picked up but we got some others instead.  I got her a Star Sapphire shirt and I grabbed a classic Green Lantern shirt since I don't have one.  She wanted a Wonder Woman shirt too but they didn't have it in girl fit T-shirts so we passed on it for now.

There were a few comic dealers that I perused looking for Green Lantern hardcovers but the one place that had some cost more than on Amazon so I passed.  I did get the first two Elephantmen trades from Richard Starkings himself which was pretty cool.  I didn't know much about the concept so I made him sell it to me.  It sounded fun and the art looked good so I grabbed the Volume 1 trade and the prequel War Toys for $20.  He even did a little sketch inside the War Toys trade for me.  Its an Elephantman of course.

Steve Niles of 30 Days of Night fame was there as well.  I saw the movie on TV a few weeks ago and really liked it.  For a vampire movie it brought something fresh to the genre and that impressed me.  He was out of the first graphic novel and no one else had any either so I asked him what he recommended.  He immediately pointed to the other side of his table and the Criminal Macabre collections.  These are the ones that Thomas Jane is interested in playing in a film so he's featured on the covers as the main character.  Niles described it to me as a mystery detective monster hunter story.  I'm not completely sold on the Ben Templesmith art but it intrigued me so I bought the first collection.

I stopped at the Aspen booth and had Peter Steigerwald sign a couple books that he did covers with Michael Turner  with.  I also inquired about Fathom but the only collection they had was the massive $50 definitive collection they were selling for $40 but I didn't feel comfortable plunking down that much on an unknown property.  I may try to find it cheaper online because the art... damn did it look beautiful.

That was about it.  Amanda saw a few things she liked such as the Little Vampires booth and something to do with steampunk and comic strips.  Oh and she got a free copy of the Elephantmen prequel sampler issue which drew me to that table.  I was impressed with her geekitude this weekend and really appreciate her making the trip with me.

We swung into Border's across the street on our way out and I snagged a $1 G.I. Joe 2010 calendar.  It was only ONE DOLLAR!  I couldn't pass it up.  After that it was time to find the train station and head home.  After some minor delays we arrived and collapsed on the couch.  All in all it was a fun day and I look forward to the guest list for the full on Long Beach Comicon this October.

Long Beach Comic Expo part the 1

Amanda and I are planning on heading down to Long Beach for Comic Expo today.  Its a small one day show that's mainly vendors and creators but its only $10 admission so I figure what the hell.  I'll be looking for some Green Lantern stuff and seeing what else trips my trigger.  Hopefully I'll be back later this afternoon with a full report of the days events.

Pull Box 2/17/10

So I'm back to the Pull Box once again for my weekly dose of 4-color goodness.  Let's get to it shall we?

G.I. Joe Cobra II #2 (cover A) - once again IDW is dipping back into the story that had Joefans salivating, the origin of Cobra starring Chuckles.  Unlike the main title and Origins to a lesser extent, this book moves forward with just the right blend of character development and action.  I love it.

Green Lantern #51 - Blackest Night continues.  Geoff Johns rocks.  Need I say more?

Green Lantern Corps #45 - Blackest Night continues. Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner rock.  Need I say more?

Blackest Night The Flash #3 - Blackest Night continues. Geoff Johns rocks. Need I say... I've said this already haven't I?

Farscape #4 (covers A & B) - the Farscape ongoing series continues and from what I understand in this issue we get some answers to just what is up with Deke.

Dark Avengers #14 - Siege! I know I shouldn't enjoy this event as much as I do but its just so damn compelling.

Captain America #603 - LOVE that Bucky is still Cap (for now anyway) and I'm glad Marvel is trying out the co-feature backup story idea to help justify the $3.99 cover price.  And Ed Brubaker continues to write a damn fine story so that always helps.

Avengers vs. Atlas #2 - its the Agents of Atlas versus the Avengers written by Jeff Parker.  I'm waiting for all 4 issues to be released before reading this one but its Parker and the AoA so I know it will be good and worth the wait.

Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1 - Ah Robo, how I've missed you.

And that's it for this week.  Next week I'll try to post this on Wednesday if I make it to the shop.  We'll see.

What the hell happened?!

Okay so, if you hadn't noticed I haven't posted anything here in a few months.  I can't say exactly what happened but I'm back and I plan on posting more regularly.  Rather than post a huge recap on the last 8 months I'll just hit the highlights.

SDCC 2009 - got fucked out of a Gleek by Mattel. I could rant on that for an entire post and then some but I've moved on.  I got a Gleek from ebay (paid out the nose for the little blue fucker) so I'm content.  Managed to pick up the other exclusives I was after as well with no problem.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - fun. That's about all I can say at this point.  Its not my version of G.I. Joe but it could have been a lot worse.  And honestly I can live with it as a new universe.  Plus there were some really cool toys to come out of this as well.  So yay!

Farscape Convention 2009 - a lot more subdued than usual, mostly due I think to the new location.  The hotel was nice and it was interesting having the Stargate convention alongside.  Got to speak to Gigi Edgley a bit about Nobody Knows (should be nearly finished as I write this) and met some cool new fans.  This year should be fun too with the Whedon fans joining in the fun.

Christmas in Minnesota - that's about all I have to say about that.

Amanda and I plan on hitting up the Long Beach Comicon Comic Expo on Saturday.  I want to try to get some of the Green Lantern hardcovers if I can get a deal.  I'm really curious to see what the turnout is like.  Its a one day show with no programming from what I understand.  It sounds like the old hotel ballroom shows with vendors and creators manning tables.

Those are the highlights though I'm sure I left something out.  I'll be back later with some comics stuff, some toy stuff and maybe some other stuff.  We'll see.

Pull Box 6/10/09, Earth-2, Seth Green and Star Trek for the 3rd time

Okay because I missed posting this earlier in the week, here's my pull list for this week.

Flash Rebirth #3 (reg & incentive covers) - I'm starting to see what's happening in this book now.  Not completely clear but it is starting to click in my head.  I'm just not that well-versed in Flash mythology.

Green Lantern Corps #37 (reg & incentive covers) - more Prelude to Blackest Night.

Batman #687 - I'm giving the Batman books a shot.  I like the idea of Dick as Batman even if it will just be for a year or so.

Red Robin #1 - another of the Bat-books I'm trying out.  Tim was my Robin when I was reading the Bat-titles back in the day so he holds a special place in my memory.

Deadpool #11 - I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!  Two words: meat suit.  FUCKING AWESOME!!!

G.I. Joe Origins #4 (both covers) - More Rock 'n' Roll action in this book.  Not as awesome as the Chuckles book but this is still pretty fucking cool.

Saturday was the grand opening of the new Earth 2 location in Northridge.  Comics superstar Geoff Johns is part owner of the store so he was there for the festivities.  Amanda and I passed Seth Green on the sidewalk on our way to the shop.  She actually recognized him before I did which was odd.  I'm usually the one pointing out celebs to her.  We kicked ourselves the rest of the day for not saying hi to him.  Anyway, outside the store was a short line for autographs with Geoff Johns and Jeph Loeb so with my small pile of books we waited.  Got Geoff to sign Blackest Night #0 and the first three issues of Flash Rebirth as well as my Green Lantern #1.  Talked with him for a few minutes but nothing really interesting.  I fanboyed out and completely lost my ability to hold a conversation.  Luckily Amanda was there to keep me grounded.  Also got a cool sketch from Phillip Tan the current regular artist on Green Lantern.  He was very cool.  We walked around the store a bit and looked things over.  It's a really small shop.  New books on one wall, trades and other things on the opposite and a small back-issue bin in the middle.  I browsed through the action figures as I'm known to do and found a DC Universe Classics Hawkgirl.  I snagged it and waited in line for the register.  Geoff had moved from signing to working the register and rang up my figure.  I have the receipt which I think I'll have him sign at SDCC.

After Earth-2 we went to Woodland Hills for some food and a film.  We ate at Cheesecake Factory and then saw Star Trek for the third time.  Those fucking lense flares really stood out to me especially in some really awesome moments.  But for the most part the film held up.  It was showing in one of the smaller theatres but was pretty well packed.  I was surprised at how many people hadn't seen it yet, at least gauging from their reactions to things happening in the film (old Spock, a lot of the tribute lines etc)  But it does hold up well on multiple viewings and we finally saw the Tribble.  I think I'm good now though until it comes out on DVD.  I'm really curious how the lense flares will look on a smaller screen.  Will they be more distracting or less?  Guess we'll find out in a few months.

So that's it for now.  Until next time...

Pull Box 6/3/09

Good list this week with the new Batman, Farscape and more.

Batman and Robin #1
- a "Batman: Reborn" book which apparently is the title of this new mini-event.  I'm liking the new Batman and Robin so far.  There wasn't enough of them in this issue but I like what they are doing so far.  Now if the other titles are this good we'll be in great shape.

Agents of Atlas #6 - Namor.  'nuff said.

Superman World of New Krypton #4 - this one has a guest appearance by the Green Lanterns so I had to have it.  And I've wanted to check out this title for a while now.  If it's good I'll go back and get the rest of the series and add it to my pulls.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires
- this one is a one-shot to tide us over while they get caught up with the main book.  Should hold up to the quality of the main series.  It IS Buffy and Joss after all.

The Muppet Show #3 (both covers) - Gonzo takes the stage here, if the cover is to be believed.  Not one of my favorite Muppets but it should be a fun read.

Atomic Robo Shadow From Beyond Time #2
- at last, another issue in this fun series.  Can't wait to dig into this one.

Flash Gordon #5 - I don't know what it is about this title that keeps me coming back.  But I find it in my hands every time it comes out.

Farscape Strange Detractors #3
(both covers) - this along with the splurge down below makes it a Farscapian week.  Not sure what's going on with the incentives though.  Are they still doing them?

G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra Prequel #4 Snake-eyes
- the last of the movie prequels and it features our favorite ninja-commando.

Battlestar Galactica The Final Five #3 - I'm almost ready to go back and revisit the BSG universe but I think I'll wait until I get all of these before I read them.  Looks good though.

Ultimatum #4 - hmmm... what happens now?  Is there anyone  still alive to stop Magneto?

Dark Avengers #5 - just reading this and waiting for the inevitable downfall of Norman Osborn.  The Sentry stuff is good too.

SPLURGE!!! of the Week!!!
- Farscape Hardcover - the collected edition of the first Farscape mini-series from BOOM!  Can't wait to put it on my bookshelf.

DOUBLE SPLURGE!!! of the Week!!!
- Sideshow Cobra Commander - Cat finally got these in and I picked mine up today.  Haven't cracked him open yet but if he's anything like Snake-eyes he'll be full of win.  I'll get some pics and a review in the next few days.

Pull Box 5/28/09

The holiday delayed this weeks books by a day and so I'm a bit behind.  Anyway, here's what I got.

Star Wars Legacy #36 - I really love this series and it proves you don't need Han, Luke and Leia for a good Star Wars story.  This issue is all about the greater galactic situation as the Galactic Alliance and Fels Imperials take on Krayts fleet.  A really great space battle story and one that looked as good as it was told.

Green Lantern #41 (both covers) - the prelude to Blackest Night continues.  And the incentive cover is beautiful.

War Machine #6 - I wasn't sure I would continue picking up this series but I caved and grabbed this issue.  I'll give it a few more before deciding for sure.

Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive? - a Battle for the Cowl tie-in/epilogue.  Interesting to see if this is just filler or an actual story.

Justice League of America #33 - picked this up the same day that it was reported that Dwayne McDuffie was "fired" from the title.  Considering I started getting this book because of him I'm not sure I want to keep reading it.  I figure I'll stick it out at least until the Hal/Ollie Justice League book comes out.

Muppet Robin Hood #1 (both covers) - dude, it's freakin' Muppets!!!

Farscape D'Argo's Lament #2
(both regular covers) - the A cover is gorgeous and I really need to sit down and read this series.

Ignition City #3 (wraparound cover) - I heard this was like Firefly so I grabbed the first two issues on Free Comic Book Day.  Still in my "to read" pile but I'm looking forward to it.

Eureka Dormant Gene #2 (both covers) - another series I still need to sit down and read, just like the first mini. Ugh I suck.

Farscape #4 second printing - dude it's Farscape.

New Avengers #53 - more of the quest for the next Sorceror Supreme.  If it wasn't for Cap being in this book I'd probably drop it.

Marvel Apes Grunt Line Special
- dude it's apes.

Batman in Barcelona: Dragon's Knight - I picked this up today.  Based on a review I read I figured it would be a good "done in one" story I'd enjoy.

The Muppet Show #1 second printing - dude it's the Muppets.

Backissue of the Week - Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? - picked this up since I passed on it the first time around and I figure it ties in with the Batman Alive? issue out this week.

Okay... I might have my Sideshow Cobra Commander on Monday.  We'll see.  Until then...

Pull Box 5/13/09 & 5/20/09

Okay not sure what happened last week but somehow I missed posting my pulls.  Here they are along with this week's pulls and some notes and comments as usual.


Secret Warriors #4
- this was a good one with Nick back with the Howling Commandos.  There was some stuff with the kids too but I'm reading this one for Nick Fury and all his bad-assitude.

Azrael Death's Dark Knight #3 - another Battle for the Cowl tie-in that actually tied in with an appearance by Nightwing.  As a primer for the new series set for later this fall this was decent.  Can't say I'm going to pick it up though.  Especially if its the same artist.

Green Lantern Corps #36 (both covers) - more on the relationship between Soranik and Sinestro and I have to say I did not see this coming.  Combine that with Sodam Yat's tapping into the Ion power and the continued break out on Oa and this issue packed in a lot.  And it was all good.

Oracle The Cure #3
- Just finished reading this one and I have to say what the huh?

Battlestar Galactica The Final Five #2
(both covers) - haven't gotten around to reading this one yet.  Hope it's good.

G.I. Joe Cobra #3 (both covers) - everything I've read says this is THE Joe book to read which is surprising considering it's a Chuckles story.  I still need to read this issue but I think it'll hold up well.

I also got some Farscape 2nd and 3rd printings along with a couple of the incentive covers I was missing.  So it was a good week.


Batman Battle for the Cowl #3 - the epic conclusion to the battle for who would be Batman and ... well it was good.  It ended where I suspected it would but as they say, it's the journey not the destination.  And what a journey it was.  Three jam-packed issues that had enough twists and turns to make it interesting.  And the revelations about Jason Todd were definitely unexpected.  I'll have to pick up some of the back-issues because I like his character as portrayed here.  And if as I suspect he turns out to be the new Black Mask, well you heard it here first.

Agents of Atlas #5 - Atlasians versus Avengers (the new variety). 

Captain America #50 - if you believe the rumor-mill then you'll know that Steve is "supposedly" returning this summer.  I don't think that's going to happen this far in advance of the movie coming out but who knows.  In the meantime I'm going to keep enjoying Bucky-Cap and his whacky misadventures.

G.I. Joe #5 (both covers) - Destro begins his seduction of the Baroness.  Duke and Beachhead have a shoot-out with one of the robot things.  Stalker and his team get their asses handed to them by Snake-eyes.  All in 22 pages.

That's about it.  With Memorial Day new books won't hit until Thursday.  And hopefully on Friday I can post pics of my Sideshow Cobra Commander if Cat gets it in.  And on Thursday is the priority pre-order for the SDCC Crimson Cobra Commander.  So the end of next week will be just geektastic for me.  So until then...